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04 June 2011 @ 09:34 am

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20 April 2011 @ 04:59 pm
Can't wait for the summer!!! School is killing me!! D=  But when summer hits, I have summer school but at least it's only a six weeks class so I'll be done with it by July.  I'm also going to (I can't believe I'm gonna say it) a JYJ concert in June.  Yeah I never thought I was ever to see a Korean group perform (since I don't listen to korean music much).  What's more suprising is that my sister is coming. XD  She doesn't know who they are at all but she got the tickets cuz the concert is at her school.  I got the cheapest seat which is about $40.  My sister told me they only had about 4 tickets left in that price range.  The floor seats are $180 @-@.  Anyway, this is gonna be an interesting experience and my third concert.  This is gonna be a totally different vibe cuz the first concert was for an "emo" band and the second concert was another rock concert but Mucc and D'espairsRay were also there.  I'll probably write a review on it afterward.
14 March 2011 @ 05:16 pm

Probably everyone knows about the earthquake in Japan but people still find it time to troll about it...  This video in particular is a freakin' troll magnet.  My goodness the stupidity of people these days..  What's bad about it is that the trolls are people from my country (or people assume ALL the trolls are Americans which isn't always the case btw)  It makes me wonder if I ever go to any country, will people stereotype me and judge me base on the country I'm from and not as an individual ....All these horrible comments started three days ago...the topic changed throughout the days ie the video is fake to the anti-American to pearl harbor and now it's on the topic of whales and dolphins. -_-U
Anyway, not every American is an insensitive racist asshole who has no life.


02 February 2011 @ 12:19 pm

Recently I'm read that the Daiki, vocalist of Lost Ash is going to be in season 2 of a period drama called Jin.  I read that Jin has won a lot of awards in Japan so I got curious and started watching season 1 of it.  It's actually pretty good but then it hit me.  In season 1 there is someone that has the same facial features as Daiki except he's wearing no make up and has his hair in a pony tail.  I looked up the cast of Jin and there is someone named Daiki Nakae that plays the character that looks like Daiki from Lost Ash.  I looked up Daiki Nagase and I found out he is born the same day and has the same blood type.  Now I'm thinking that they're the same people and before Lost Ash was formed Daiki is an actor under Star Dust Agency.  Apparently he also was in episode one of Hana Yori Dango 2 and Prince of Tennis the movie as well.  What do you guys think?   I hope my eyes are not playing tricks on me.
This is his profile on Stardust  http://www.stardust.co.jp/section3/profile/nakaedaiki.html
This is his blog as the vocalist of Lost Ash http://ameblo.jp/daiki-lostash/
29 December 2010 @ 12:30 pm

Yeah it's been about a year since i did a selling post but when cleaning my room and finding out my magazine collection is over 30 pounds (or about 14 kg) I knew what I had to do. (Having eight magazines featureing the GazettE on the cover didn't help either -_-U
)  Anywhere to the collection:
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Shipping is not included in the amount above
Shipping from California  and prefers to ship across the US due to shipping (but I'm willing to ship worldwide)
If you want a picture of the item message me or leave a comment.
I accept paypal and conceaied cash (in US dollars)
If you have any questions or concerns leave a comment or message me.  I do check my messages daily.
28 December 2010 @ 07:13 pm

I hope I was dreaming when I read that Neophilia is going to be a major band after only releasing ONE SINGLE and they''ve only been a band for a year and two months.  But apparently I am not dreaming and their second single will be under King Record.  I remember when people were surprise when ViViD went major after being a band for less than two years as well but this was beyond shocking.  At least it makes more sense when ViViD went major since they shot up the Oricon Charts really quick without releasing a full length album.  I just don't know what's going on.  What do you guys think of Neophilia?  If you haven't heard them here's the first and ONLY pv they made.
22 December 2010 @ 12:16 pm
You guys don't have to read this if you don't want to.  This is for a contest entry >>
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29 November 2010 @ 04:55 pm

My friend showed me  an article about Aoi (from gazette) vs vocaloid.  It was the most random crap I ever read in my life.   I have never heard of vocaloid before this happened.  (probably cuz i'm not into anime or collection figurines *blinks)   http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2010/11/29/visual-kei-vs-vocaloids-miku-isnt-real-music/
I have come to two conclusion.  People are idiots (not suprised).  People are biased as hell. 
16 November 2010 @ 09:53 am
It's been about a year since I posted here. So how is everyone? Nothing much has happened to me. I technically should be in my final year of college but since I wasn't able to get into my classes for upper division, I have to wait one more semester which sucks cuz tuition next semester then raising it again the semester after. >_O WTF man?!?!?!!! I just hope to get into my classes for next semester or else.
Music wise, I've recently got into ViViD. It took me a while to listen to them which was strange since I liked Shin in Dennou Romeo but idk. I don't really have a favorite member but Reno and Ryouga seems to be reeling me in. lol I still can't believe they became pretty successful so quickly. They're going major in January and they've been together for less than two years since they started in 2009. O-OUU Been listening to mostly indies stuff and I've recently started to like Dragonwapppppper. The vocalist is very good so I recommend them to people who aren't really into hardcore full blown makeup oshare kei. The vocal sounds like it belongs to someone from a major ecord label so I recommend the song "Link".
Anyway, I just got back from San Jose. I went to Mitsuwa and FINALLY got me some Gatsby moving rubber for my hair. (It's hair wax usually targetted towards guys for those of you who don't know.) I also added more magazines to my large collection. I really need to clean through my magazines and start selling some again. I have so many gazette covered magazines w/ posters and now I got two more to add to my list. lol Anyway talk to you people later I guess...
26 December 2009 @ 04:43 pm
I got the album today and I have to admit it was different from their first album "Atlas". The sound of the new "Pandora" album is a little bit more hard rock than "Atlas". "Atlas" is a little bit more pop rock to me. They are often described as a band similar to Janne Da Arc in sound and the vocalist Hal's voice can sound like Yasu sometimes. Kiyo, the keyboardist from JDA, also produced the sound, arranged the album, provide the keyboard portion to their songs, and produced the single "Sakura Mai Chiru Setsu Ni Kimi Ga Yume Mita Koto"

1) Transient Gig #3 opening the box-
It's instrumental. You can hear the keyboard and a woman talking. It has a kinda like a trance dance beat mixed in too.
2) Pandora 21
Same as the Xmas Day single

3)Garasu no Namida
Same as single

4)Fantastic Voyage
The beginning instrumental sounds very JDA to me kinda rock/jazzy. The first verse started off slow. Hal's voice was quite soothing. Then when it got to chorus is very upbeat/catchy and pop-rock.

5)Sakura Mai Chiru Setsu Ni Kimi Ga Yume Mita Koto
Same as their single. Idk this song sounds very indies to me. I think it must be the guitar portion and the voice sounds very visual kei to me as well which is strange since Hal has a very nice voice for a visual kei vocalist. It's not the typical nasally or overly deep voice.

6)Please Please Me
The sound is a bit harder. I suppose this is their darker song. It sounds very yasu-like to me. The guitar solo was nice too but then again guitarist, tomo created the music for this song.

7) Mune Ippai no Ai O
The new single for the album. I saw the clip of their pv of it on youtube and it was them performing this live.
The melody is very nice. It's not like a ballad but still relatively soft and soothing and very pop rock-like. I can imagine this song being something you listen to live with lighters in the air or people waving their hands in the air. I can also imagine this song would sound nice if they had an accoustic version.

8)La Paloma
Very upbeat and catchy. "Shalala Paloma" gets stuck in your head very easily. The song overall is very poppish as well.

9)Xmas Day (Pandora version)
This is another previous single but it's the album version of the song but the guitar solo is also softer and not as prominent. You have to listen carefully to hear the electric guitar.

10)Ageha Jo
The sound is very nice. It's hard to describe the sound but for some reason it seems as if they're trying to channel the rhythm of traditional music. It's not a very poppish song but sounds very indies.

11) Suicide Island
The beginning is very hard rock. It sounds like an indies visual kei band type of song too.

Same as Sakura Mai chiru setsu ni Yume mita koto single

Same as Garasu no Hana single

14) Transient Gig #4 closing the box-
piano music with a distant female voice

Overall I like that it was very different from "Atlas." I think I like the variety of "Atlas". But I like how "Pandora" has a very prominent visual sound while in "Atlas" you can determine the ballad (and I love it when this band does ballad.)

The cd also came with a copy Vinyl Syndicate. I guess it advertises/models Sex Pot Revenge clothes. The models for this issue includes D-Boys' Shunji Igarashi (which is similar to johnnys in a sense they model in the same magazines as them ie potato, wink up, etc...) AAA's Misako Uno, actor Kouhei Takeda, Gara from Merry, 12012, Girugamesh, and Zoro's member Ryuji and Tatsuhi